Hold Steady

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10889)

I teach a 6 am (45 minute) morning class twice a week which has VERY regular group of participants, so this worked good as something a little different. I have a difficult time getting them to slow down their leg speed for climbs and variations, so this time, I kept the pace of the entire class at a steady 160-165. (I would not recommend this for a beginner class).

I used the Worldbeat Power Walking 7 tape from Sports Music (don't think it's available in CD at 160-165bpm) It's continuous music without any breaks. (NOTE: the power walking music has great bpm's for cycling and there are a variety of music types)

I kept the drills pretty simple but used standing, sitting (for various lengths of time), increasing resistance, lowering resistance slightly, lifts, 'hover', and a few sprints, but everything was at the 160bpm, including recovery (excluding sprints)

To keep things interesting, I talked alot more than usual...

The man who makes it, sells it.
The man who buys it, doesn't need it.
The man who uses it, doesn't know it.
What is it? ==>coffin/casket

A plane crashes and every single person on board dies, but there are survivors. How is that possible?
==>married people on board survived.

What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, if you eat it you will die.
What is it? ==>nothing

===>a couple jokes
(there are lots of websites out there with jokes/riddles/puns)

===>an interesting local news/sports story

===>lots of motivational phrases

===>identified the different countries where the style of music was from on the worldbeat tape I used (Caribean, Spain, Russia)

===>but the part they really enjoyed, was asking about 'favorites' or 'have you ever'

I did an 8 minute endurance drill, where they were supposed to set the resistance at the highest level possible at the 80rpm pace (and then maybe have them back off just a tad so that they can last the entire time). To distract them I used the following (for 15-30 seconds each):

I ended with one last, final push--I split the class in half based on some other favorite/category (group1: coming to class longer than 3 months, group2: less than 3 months) and had them race---crank up to a 9-10 and accelerate as fast as possible for 20-30 seconds to see if they can catch up with the 80rpm pace....it's tough on a 9! (but remind them to pay attention to knee pain--it shouldn't hurt in a bad way, only in an exhausted way)

Seems they all had a fun time.

Thanks everyone for all the fabulous ideas!!!
Happy spinning-

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