Jump For Joy

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10893)

Finally, here is my first submission to this very useful site. Thanks a million to all of you out there! You have given me so many ideas -now it's my turn to give you something back.

I have some special songs that I have used a lot in my spinning classes (both in Sweden and here in Canada)and the feedback has been great! Remember, the music is one of the keys for a really good class.

First of all you need the song - Jump For Joy (3:45 minutes long) Artist - 2 unlimited

In the beginning of the song you explain what's going to happen. You have 1 minute before the strong beat starts so you have lots of time. Explain that you are going to perform 100 single jumps (2 beats up and 2 beats down) in a row!! (after all, the songs is called Jump for Joy...) After 1 minute you start jumping (strong beat after 1:05) and start counting down loud from 100, 99, 98 (people usually really get into this and count all the way through the song).

Now, during the song, talk to them, give them power, tell them to listen to their bodies and listen to their hearts. Keep correct form and use the legs, not the arms. If they feel tired, ask them to sit down for a while and to come back when they feel ready. Remember this is a race only against themself and nobody else.

The song finishes exactly after 100 jumps and believe me - people get really pumped up and happy after this one (and tired of course).

Try it - I hope you like it!


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From: Montreal (Canada)
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