Vertical step

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10895)

Combo 1

Repeat left lead start up and back

Combo 2

Right lead - push turn (turn repeater knee 2 and get off), turnstep, over, push turn, turnstep, over, up up lunge 6 times-2 to the side, 2 to the back, 2 to the side - get off and repeat left lead

Combo 3

Right lead - double knee straddle down down up up, cha cha left and right, walk off - step off left to the side - step off right to the back - step on left- step on bench right left- step off right to the side - step off left to the back- step on right ---- left lead up up lunge down down jack repeat left lead

Combo 4

Diagonal walkway 2 times - pivot the bench 2 jacks - over 2 jacks repeat left lead

Combo 5

O-step (turn straddle turn straddle) - you are facing the small end of the bench - walk on the bench right left, step off to the right side down tap, walk around left, right, left, right - or step touch the corner repeat left lead

Combo 6

Mambo front and back - kick straddle mambo cha cha to the back end of the bench, mambo front and back, kick straddle, left lead reverse pivot to the left side repeat with the left lead

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Added by Mary Wooten at 8:44 PM on Thursday, January 24, 2002 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Wilmington, North Carolina (USA)
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