Knee Twists and Leg Flip-Flopps (with partner)

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 10903)

Knee twist:

Have your class participants sit with their knees bent and together, with the toes resting on the floor. Lean back slightly for balance.

1. Roll both knees toward the RIGHT, Simultaneously clap both hands on the LEFT SIDE.

2. Quickly roll both knees to the LEFT SIDE. Simultaneously clap both hands on the RIGHT SIDE.

This exercise works the hips as well as the abdominal muscles.

Partner flip-flops:

Partners lie down beside each other, FACING OPPOSITE DIRECIONS with their knees bent.

Partner A slides their right arm under B's legs and grasps B's left hand. Partner B slides their right hand under A's legs and grasps A's left hand. Both raise their legs into the air and flip sides (a little cheek to cheek on the way over). Continue flip-flopping the legs back and forth for 30 seconds. This exercise works the abs, and fills the room with laughter! A good one to wind down a serious class with. It is really a hoot!

Have fun in your classes and remember that participants vote with their feet!

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From: Toronto (Canada)
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