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Hi there, since I took so many of the ideas I thought it was time to give back.

I had my class do this the other day and it worked well.

I had them go on a tour of the world with their water aerobic implements. This just sort of gives you structure for your class. For Italy, we did noodles--ha! Noodle work involved the abs and legs, let it be whatever you want it to be.

Brazil was next, where all they wear is bathing suits! How appropriate! We did toning exercises so we could "bear all." This involved using the dumbbells and punching the water slowly (then a sprint for 15 seconds where we punched as hard as we could) and tricep kickbacks, and bicep curls, etc. Also we used the wall to do push-ups. Place your hands on the side and lift yourself up out of the water, slowly bring yourself down to the level of the pool side using your arms (IT BURNS!) and back up again. Try 5 count first then ask your class to shake em out. Repeat as many times as you like.

Switzerland and alp climing and skiing was next using the step. Up to you --whatever you want to do.

Finally to let them have fun, we swam the English Channel by doing lengths of the pool back and forth with various kicks, rocking horse, moon walking, x country skiing. Whatever !

Again, this is not too specific but it gives a good framework for your class and you can work within it, add other countries and activites too. You can end with around the world and run around in a circle!

Have fun!

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