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Here are a couple of modifications on some old moves that you may have forgotten about, or may have never done. I re-introduced them into my classes last week. We all forgot what the smallest change could do...

1.) Standing or seated military presses:

Back straight, knees soft (if standing), abs tight, not leaning back. Body Bar or dumb bells in hands. Begin with basic presses to the front, moving slowly - 2 counts up & 2 counts down.

NOW THE CHANGE: Instead of pressing STRAIGHT up to the ceiling & at an angle SLIGHTLY to the front just ahead of your shoulders and down. This tiny change REALLY makes the difference. My sets went

(That was enough for them. Go by your class and their level.)

2.) Front Raises:

Back straight, knees soft (if standing), abs tight, not leaning back. Dumb bells in hands. Turn your palms away from you. Elbows stay soft.

The change is obviously that your palms are facing away rather then in. You want the arm to raise as in a regular front raise, but you want it to travel SLIGHTLY across the chest. (So, if you're front raising with the right arm, the dumb bell will travel slightly toward the left shoulder on the way up, and back to the right side on the way down.) You pick the sets for your class. I actually added a 2-arm raise at the end (regular raise, palms in), at the end to really feel the burn.

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