Clap Slap Twist

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Hello everyone...I'm baaaack!
To spice things up towards the end of class, we sometimes do partner abs. You would need a mat for yourself and your partner. Put them side by side (not end to end) and your partner will position your bodies where you'll face one another with your backs flat against your own mat and knees bent while the feet are flat on the floor. You both look like you'll be doing regular crunches but you'll be side by side. You can do whatever you want to start out with...we'll pulse with our crunchies on our own first then I'll count down and I'll cue: Clap, Slap, Twist!...We'll get our shoulders off the mat and try to come up as high as we can by using our abs and we'll twist towards each other and clap slap! Some people will just want to clap slap with one hand but doing it with both hands is more intense. Make sure they twist and use that oblique on the way up. Don't forget to have them switch sides so both obliques get worked! And always try to remind them to keep the knees bent and have both feet on the floor...if not, they can hurt their backs and keeping the feet on the floor is a workout on it's own anyway!!


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