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I've been teaching sort of a interval/sports drill type class. We use a step but it's pretty low choreography. We also do some spri band/tubing work at the end. Anyone else teaching something like this ???? I'm running out of ideas !!!

Warm up

Block 1

Repeat first block, adding on lunges back after heel taps (no power)

Recovery - in between each block (marches, taps, grapevines, whatever to bring down heartrate). The 16 count is pretty loose - I gauge it on my participants.

Block 2 - Step

-->adding power options on repeater (knee up, hop turn to tap in front of step, knee up, hop turn to tap back of step, knee up, travel to other corner).

Recovery - basics and wide basics to bring heartrate down

Block 3 - Floor

Class run around room in a circle using crossovers, change direction (use this for recovery). Thirty second drills. High knee jog with or without impact, scissors, jacks, ankle touches - any combination to make 30 seconds.

Block 4 - Vertical Step

We also added what I like to call a balance drill - hopping over the step to a knee up/hold on the other side. Cue abs in tight for little bit of ab work, tall back, higher knee for intensity.

Cooled down with some walking lunges (singles, 3 pulse, singles with kick). Lotsa stretching, tubing work for upper body, and a bit of ab work.

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