A Bit 'A 'Dis & A Bit 'A 'Dat

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Hello Everyone! I am finally submitting my first entry to this wonderful website. A big thank you to all the instructors for their awesome patterns. I have borrowed so many of your great combos! This is a combinaion of some of the patterns from this site, and some of my own original choreography. Enjoy, and email with ?? or comments! Have fun!

Bench is horizontal. Explanations for marked items (*) will follow.

Combo #1

Combo #2

Repeat with right knee lead

Combo #3

Repeat left lead

Combo #4

Repeat left lead

Combo #5

Repeat left lead

Combo #6

Repeat left lead

Combo 7

Repeat left lead on opposite side of the bench

I usually tell them to make it a sexy mambo pivot! Give it some style!

(*) Three knees on the bench is also known as Skate on the bench. This can be done as three power knees, depending on the intensity of the class.

(*) This can be done as a funky-3 repeater knee, or a 360 degree repeater. You can make it beginner or advanced repeater.

(*) Six Count Basic- step up,up- step out, out- step in,in- and exit

(*) 2 Charleston kicks can also be done as one single charleston kick, and then one single charleston kick, non kicking leg taps across the bench in a straddle type move. Then come up, up on the bench and exit off to the other side of the bench. (Make sense??) Proceed to walk

I hope even some of these combos work for you! I know some things can be confusing to read, so please feel free to contact me with questions.
Take care, Lisa

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From: Bartlett, Illinois (USA)
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