Scissors and Kick!

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Sometimes, we do various high impact moves, and I make sure to show my class a low impact version, so members can choose which option works better for them.

The scissors move works good in a boot camp kickboxing format, and my class enjoys it. Basically, it's a jump rope move thrown into a 4-count combination. Start with the class scissor-ing the feet back and forth--right foot extends forward with the left foot back and then hop and switch. To add the kick, just scissors right foot, then left (counts 1 and 2) then front snap kick right on 3, and bring the feet together on 4. Then start the four-count combination with the left foot hopping out in front. If you do not want to alternate, just scissors with the right foot in front, switch, then kick on 3, and then bring the right foot back again on 4 and start it all over.

Then, we add to it--scissors, kick right (3), knee strike left--count 5 (or punch or another kick or block--whatever), then kick right again (7). Bring the feet together on 8, and then start the 8-count combination with the left foot leading forward.

The modification is just a march--right foot, left foot, kick on 3, bring it down on 4, etc.

Just a little variation for your class. Just remember to always offer a low impact version of a move when it requires lifting both feet off the floor at the same time--many people do not like high impact moves.

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From: Bloomington, Illinois (USA)
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