Intermediate/tapless...try it...or are you too "Chicken"???

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Hi guys! I did this last week. Haven't done step for ages! Tapless and self-reversing. Start on the right as usual and board is horizontal.




* Stomp the L = 5
1. Stomp step right on the left side, as if about to do an L-step
2. Step off the side of the step left, where your foot would go as if doing an L-step
3. Stomp step right
4-5. Exit off back of step where you started, left,right.

** Funky L = 8
1-2. Start same as "stomp the L" right,left
3-4. Reverse mambo on the floor where you have stepped off right,left
5-6-7-8. Finish like a normal L-step right, knee,left,right

*** 4 knee fantasy = 16 (start on right for teaching purposes)
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. Do a four knee skate (step on step, knee and clap, step on step, knee and clap, etc etc)- should still be on the step on "8"
9-10-11. Mambo off the front of the step- off, on, on: right,left,right
12-13-14. Mambo off the front again with the other leg- off, on, on: left,right,left
15-16. Exit off back as normal right,left

It's easier than it sounds, trust me!

****5 knee fantasy = 12 (start on the right)
1-2. Step knee (as normal)
3-and-4. Step off the step and cha cha cha whilst straddling the step
5-6. Step knee again
7-8-9. Step on the floor on "7", leaving right foot on step (so one foot on floor, one foot on step), on "8" keeping your feet in place twist anticlockwise 180 degrees, then on "9" twist back
10. Knee (as normal) (weight on right leg on step)
11-12. Exit as normal

Hope that's all follow-able!!! Email if u need a hand or have any feedback! Love, Miss Dale!

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From: Sydney (Australia)
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