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Here I am giving you very simple but killer workout for your tummy...just kidding ! We need a flat mat.

Lie on your back. Give full support of the mat to your spine. Fold your legs on the floor with shoulders' distance between your feet. Give gentle support to your neck and lift your shoulders slightly off the floor. This is the starting posture of the upper abs workout.

Deep breath in. Now breath out through the mouth & slowly lift your shoulders up and try to curl your stomach like a roll. Now keep the breathing normal i.e. breath in through your nose & out through the mouth. Stay up at least for 30 seconds and then go for 20 slow repetitions. Go maximum up and come down as your shoulders are constantly off the floor.

Repeat above combination twice more without releasing abs. So you will be doing the upper abs workout 3 times.

Now let's go for the lower abs workout. Rest your head on the floor. Keep your hands relaxed aside next to your hips. Now slowly fold your legs and lift them up off the floor. Remember - your legs should be continuously released and you should feel the burn only in your stomach.

Slowly curl your lower abs like a roll as above and stay up for 30 seconds. Keep the breathing normal. After 30 seconds hold, start the 20 slow repetitions. After 20 slow repetitions, stay maximum up feel the burn in the lower abs. Fold the legs 90 degrees in the knee joint but again you have to keep your legs maximum released.

Now hold the abs here again for 30 seconds and then go for 20 slow reps with 90 degrees. After 20th count again stay maximum up and hold the abs for last 30 seconds.

Then keep your legs straight up and go for 20 slow counts of reps. But here I would like you to go for upward move instead of the curls. So slowly lift your hips up contract your stomach maximum and slowly take them down. NO JERKS ALLOWED. Don't use your back. It should be completely on the floor, keep breathing normal all the time. And then slowly release. Keep your legs straight on the floor, keep the hands straight above the head and stretch the body maximum for 3 times.

Slowly turn on your side first and then turn on your tummy. Keep your palms to your shoulders, toes pointed out, elbows closer to the body. Look at the floor down & slowly lift your shoulders up. Let your stomach be on the floor. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds. Feel the arch / contraction in the back and stretch in the stomach. Do it for 3-5 times as you feel relaxed. Slowly turn on your side and then slowly get up.

Always keep following things in your mind while doing abs -

Do your abs and be healthy whole life.

For more tips please contact me.

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From: Maharashtra-Pune (India)
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