Summer step

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 11862)

Combo 1

Repeat other side

Combo 2

Repeat other side

Combo 3

Repeat other side

Combo 4

(See pattern ...And now for something completely different to make this a bit more fun)

Repeat other side

*Crab - (1-2) Step up right, left, (3) stomp right foot down on right side of step, (4-5) step up left, right, (6) stomp left foot down on left side of step, (7-8) step up right, left.

**Knee crossover - (1) step up right, (2) lift left knee, (3) tap left foot down on step crossing it over the right one, (4) lift left knee, (5-6) exit left, right.

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From: England (United Kingdom)
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