A Circle of Fun

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11865)

Something fun I like to do is bring everyone in a large circle. We are all facing center of the circle. I have them: shuffle to the right with a speed bag right arm for 3 counts and clap on the 4th count and shuffle left with a left speed bag arm for the same amount of claps. Repeat to right and left side then bob it out for 4 counts and bob and weave for 4 counts. Repeat same sequence again. (everyone is laughing and having a good time by now: some have bumped into each other and forgot to shuffle the opposite way) It's a way to break up the monotony and to get everyone facing each other and meeting each other in class.

After that sequence I have them with a right foot lead in the center of the circle and we do double jabs up and down; squating working those quads on the low jabs of course. Repeat for 4 sequences of 8 counts up and down, back to facing center and I have them shuffle to the right till I say go the other way..(again some may be bumping into each other: but it's a great way for them to use their quick muscle fibers: having to react quickly with a sudden stop and going the other way) Make sure they keep a side stance always on the shuffle in the circle. (You can also use medicine balls in the circle and have them pass them around quickly around the circle or throwing the ball across the circle with a squat...)


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