Hot Summer Step

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The following are 64 count self-reversing, tapless and the step is horizontal. Assumes a right lead

Combo I - Cross phrasing here

Total 64 counts

* Spin off mambo. The spin is exactly like a pivot but you need to make a full circle out of it 360 degrees. Right foot on bench spin off, therefore the mambo would be with the left foot.

Combo II

Total 64 counts

** Repeater L-step. Step off left side, lift right knee, step forward with the right foot on the floor, lift left knee. Step back with left foot, lift right knee. Right from this move go into the knee straddle cross back exit, since your right knee will be up in the air, put the right foot back onto the bench and use the left knee down into a straddle, cross back (single weave) exit.

Combo III

Total 64 counts

*** Cross over L-step. Use the outside foot. After you exit from the lunges, use the outside foot to go up and do an L-step off the small end of the step to the other side and back.

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

**** Rocking horse on top of the bench. Just like a regular rocking horse, curl, knee, curl but all done on top of the bench.

***** Cross back mambo. from the straddle position, cross leg over step to home side, cross it behind the leg that is already there, mambo on the step, leg back, mambo on step leg back, mambo on step, immediately into 4 hops on floor.

Enjoy. If you have questions, email me.


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From: Quebec (Canada)
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