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Greetings! This profile is extremely challenging! I have used it multiple times now, so you know it has been well tested. You will need to start the class on time in order to get all of the drills in. If running short on time, you can eliminate a whole drill or recovery song but keep the last 2 songs in combination, they are a killer! Enjoy!!!

Commonly used abbreviations: H2 - Hand position 2, H3 - Hand position 3, HR - Heart Rate.

Kung Fu Fighting (Remix) 3:35
Move it Like This 4:47 HR 65%-70%

Rolling Mountains: flat seated, moderate seated, heavy standing, all done with the same cadence. Working transitions between positions.
Hella Good 4:02 HR 65% to 80%

Intervals: 30 second work, 30 second recovery.
Mama Mia (remix) 7:46 HR 75%-85%

Oh Yeah 3:02 HR 65%

Speed: fast in the seated (light to moderate resistance) with surges/breakaways in H3. Remind participants that speed is all about control. The surge/breakaway is in H3 so it is critical that the riders have enough reistance to maintain control as they transition up (more is better). Surge/breakaway lasts for 10 seconds. Imagine that you are riding on a smooth flat, pushing light and fast. You need to surge/breakaway (pick term you like) to get around another rider. Use the H3 position to add your body weight to the building of momentum. Feel the power!!!
How Much is This Fish 3:45 HR 80%-90%

Climb: seated.
Everybody Hurts 5:19 HR 70%-80%

Reverse Surge: standing climb with surges in the seated! (surge starts on "Come On" and continues into "Feels So Good")
Feels So Good 3:38 HR 75%-85%

Scooby Doo (Remix) 3:04 HR > 65%

Speed: Fast on the seated with surges/breakaways standing. Use the music as your guide to the surges.
Ballroom Blitz 4:03 HR 75%-85%

Mountain Attack Training Loop!
20 Seconds seated climb
20 Seconds seated climb increased cadence (surge)
20 Seconds standing climb (increase resistance above seated climb)
20 Seconds standing climb increased cadence (surge)
40 Seconds "negative" resistance, coast down the backside of the mountain back to the starting point of the loop.
Cowgirl 11:54 HR > 75%

Race Pace: settle into a flat road ride with a strong, fast cadence. Each minute of the ride add 1/4 turn of resistance without slowing the speed! Simulate adding a bigger gear with the resistance increases. Challenge yourself to hold that original cadence!!! Full SPRINT for the last 30 seconds to the finish line!
Pump My Body to the Top 5:00 HR 85%++

Sunday Girl 3:02
Age of Aquarius 4:49 HR < 65%

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From: Chapin, South Carolina (USA)
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