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Here's a drill useful for developing power, which is the combination of strength (generally higher tensions) and speed (fast rotation of the pedals).


The drill uses alternating periods of "ON," which are the work periods, and "OFF," which are the rest periods.

During the work ("ON") periods, cyclists should be working hard...not necessarily sprinting, but definitely working hard. Tension should be moderate or a little higher. This drill again focuses on power. A time trial type effort--hard pace, challenging tension.

During the rest ("OFF") periods, cyclists can either soft pedal (pedal without putting much force into it) or relax the tension and pedal. But, they need to be aware that they will be putting the tension back on as soon as the work ("ON") periods begins again.


I typically use either a ladder/progression or pyramid set using 1 minute for each On/Off set.

For example:

Then, you can add another set, for example, after that 1 minute of rest do:

So this is pretty flexible--you can alter either the ON/OFF time amounts (5 is a good start and minimum and you can go as high up as you want--I like having symmetrical work-rest periods though), the number of periods within each set, and the number of sets.

Music that is continuous, like a good club/dance/techno remix or continuous mix CD works well on this one since it won't constrain the time like using a regular pop/etc. song would. But, that could still work too.


Keep spinning,

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