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I surprised one of my 6 A.M. classes with BINGO one day--it livened them up a bit.

Have people line their steps in 5 equal rows (or as equal as possible). Place a label at the head of each row with a letter (B, I, N, G, O). Tell the class to look how far back they are in the row. If they're first, their # is #1. If they're 5th, their # is #5. Tell each row what letter they are (either B I N G or O). This all can be done during the warmup, without interrupting the normal class format.

I prepared ahead some bingo papers from B-1 thru B-7, I-1 thru I-7, N-1 thru N-7, G-1 thru G-7 and O-1 to O-7, etc. I anticipated how many would be there from past attendance. I chose a number out of a hat. When their number was called I quickly gave them a ribbon to tie onto their clothing, hair, finger, etc.. (I just used curling ribbon)

The winning row (front to back, diagonal or across) with ribbons won a prize. The trick was for someone to notice a bingo and call it like you would if you had a card in front of you. I taught a regular class with very few interruptions, everyone got a great workout and they played BINGO while they worked out.

I brought in microwave popcorn and homemade chocolate chip cookes and let the winning row choose their prize.

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