Pep up your step !

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I'm going to do my best to describe these combinations. Step is horizontal,all 32 count and self-reversing. Have Fun ! MBF

Combo 1: Fun warm up

Combo #2:

Combo #3:

Warm up combo * the last part can be just 4 taps on the front of the bench. Add a little hop to make it fun. That is where I start, thats my low modification. Then take it around the step: it's tap right step over right, tap left step over left, tap right step over right, tap left step over left, ending up back on right lead. I cue it as tap step over tap step over...add a little bounce or spring to your step to make it easier.

Combo #2: I hope you can figure this out cause its sooo much fun! This is just a step right, knee up left and left foot down into a squat off the left side of the bench, first 4 counts, there is a slight hold, then right foot over left for a box step but move back with that into a shuffle back to the front of the step, you will end up on left lead. I cue it as step knee squat hold, box step shuffle, shuffle.

Combo #3:* Starting on your right lead, step right, left leg rear glute lift behind you and over top of bench, then left foot comes up right leg goes back for glute lift/squeeze back over, then right foor on step left leg behind for 3rd glute lift over the top leaving you on your left lead for skips home.

** This can be just a simple 4 step walk around to front of bench on left lead. I like the skips especially if you are starting this whole combo off with the 1/2 L-step with really flows from the skips... The skips are just: moving forward, a step left, right knee up with a little hop, step right foot on floor and left knee up with a little are skipping around the corner!

Have fun and let me know how it goes ! MBF

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