Abs for deep or shallow water

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I have been teaching Aqua classes for the last four years and still enjoy every moment of teaching. It has become my passion, so I am grateful for all the ideas you have given me. It's now my time to give something back. Hopefully this will be the first of quite a few ideas I have. Happy teaching.

Combo 1

(Turning to all four walls)

Encourage them not to touch the floor with their feet.

Combo 2

(Floating on the water with or with out the use of aqua equipment)

Encourage members to pull their abdominals in through to spine throughout all these exercises.

Get members to stand tall and strong in the water, feet hip width apart, abdominals pulled in. One float in each hand and arms out stretched to sides, fall to one side, tuck knees into the chest, stand tall and strong quickly. Repeat going the whole length of the pool and then go back the other way.

Repeat with float hugged to chest, stand tall and strong, fall backwards, tuck knees into chest. Stand tall quickly.

Using the woggle to help member to float, get them so that they are in a suspended position in the water, ankles crossed with heels kept close to the bottom. Imagine head lights on the knees. Get members to flash forward and then down to the floor. Keeping heels to bum and abs pulled in. Repeat several times. Sometimes I get then to place a ball or float between their legs. They have a fun time trying to keep the ball between legs.

Lastly have members float on their back with or without floatation aid. Legs open wide, abs pulled in, straddle by bringing head between legs, pushing legs back behind keeping them straight and opened wide. Close legs behind, tuck knees into chest and flip over onto back. Repeat several times.

Hope I have given you some fresh ideas to play around with or reminded you of a few you may not have used recently.

Bye for now
Carol T

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