Leslie L's 7/13/02

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11909)

Horizontal step.

Repeat left or go on:

Repeat other side or move on to:

Cut it down to:

***This whole combo is a great one for a holding type combo. People can work it as hard as they want and they get lots of leg. This is my "Space out" combo when I forget what I'm doing and need a move I can go to automatically. Repeat on other leg or go on to:

Repeat on right or go on to:

Repeat on left or go on:

End up facing the front and repeat all from the beginning

There are lots of moves within the combos that are self-reversing. You can stay there and practice the move before going on and adding it to the combo. I have put a space after most moves that you can reverse for practice. Thanks EBunny for your Grapevine moves-I forget about those until I see them in your combos.

I have covered the explanations in previous submittals, but if you can't find it, or figure it out, let me know. As always, if you are ever in Scottsdale, Arizona, let me know-I would love to meet you. You could come into my class and do a guest spot!! Leslie

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From: Scottsdale, Arizona (USA)
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