Shoot Accross

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I'm a new instructor and learned this move in another class, I hope you like it. This is my first submission to the website and I hope it is clear to everyone..

Now you make it more challenging:
When you begin to shoot accross you can add two options. As you shoot accross, when you are on top of the step you clap your hands in front of you with your arms straight, as you reach the end of the step, clap them above your head. (Of course you don't actually have to "clap" and make noise, just bring the hands together.) The next option is to add a knee: When you are at the end of the step and you clap above your head, raise the knee closest to the step. To review: arms and knee come up at the ends of the step and arms go out in front of you on the step. It's a great move!

To exit: hold the knees and arms and the end of the step. This means arms up, inside knee up; arms out, outside knee up. Do this as long as you like then shoot accross 1 or 3 times and grapevine behind to be back at the begining!

Whew! I hope it is useful to someone, just go and try it on the step and you'll see it works great.

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From: Windsor, California (USA)
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