Boxing Fitness on a Bag #1

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Great ideas everyone!

I teach Fitness Kickboxing and Fitness Boxing classes which exclusively features free-standing heavy bag striking. Here's a pattern in the Boxing class that I use. This one not only features quick combination punches, but you have to think it through too. I got this pattern from another poster and adapted it for bagwork. Sorry if it's a repeat...

Change sides and repeat

Routine: The entire combination is broken down into short segments, adding on as the class gets familiar with the segment. I do each segment about 10-15 times before adding on.

The final sequence is:

  • Rear uppercut
  • Front hook
  • Rear cross
  • Front jab
  • Front jab
  • Rear cross
  • Front hook
  • I usually work for 5 minutes on each side, building up the combination.

    Before I change sides, I really pump up the cardio boxing with a combination I call "three up, three down." It consists of three punches to the head, then three uppercuts to the body, trying to go as fast and as hard as you can. Speed is more important. We do this for about 10 reps, then switch sides for 10 more.

    Then switch sides and repeat the original combo.

    Email if you have any questions!

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