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Hi guys,
I've been teaching Aqua for only a few month now, so this might not be anything new...maybe for some of you?? Try it, works great and your members will scream for more :)

Use 2 noodles

Start off by doing crunches with one noodle behind you, one noodle under ankles. After that, have them do obliques shoulder towards other foot. Then, lay back and bring right shoulder towards right foot...take it from the top. Once those abs are nice and sore, take one noodle in each hand, get into a sitting position, tailbone down, legs lifted at hip level, legs extended....feel the burn!! Then, do tricep presses with tummy nice and tight (elbows back, press noodles straight down beside hips!!) And if that is not, stay in that position, arms extended out to side, do lateral presses. This is the greatest ab workout I've done in the water, hope you guys understand everything and will love it as much as I did!!

Keep the great ideas coming, would be lost without you all!!

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