Aussie Turns & Spins

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G'day to all you fellow gym junkies !

This is my class from Tuesday night and it went off really well. Only a couple of new things to share. First 16 counts of block A are thanks to my dear friend Miss Dale. Thanks to you for all your great ideas !

Please email if you have any Q's


Level 1 can do 4x Clap knee on the board. On the last knee don't place it down on the board, step it off the front for the first mambo.




  • Turn basic / straddle 1-4
  • 1x Mambo cha cha cha 5-8 (from the straddle position - do the mambo with the lead leg mamboing on the board and the cha cha in the straddle position)
  • Broadway knee 9-16
  • *** 3 Repeater curl - 360 17-24 (go around the end and do a full circle - start with 1 curl, then tap the foot around the end 3 times to bring you back where you started and finish with another curl and step down down - this is also good to finish in the straddle position but can be tricky for beginnners. I call it the 360 curl + & straddle because you actually do a full circle & 1/2 -***
  • 1/2 K-step 25-28
  • Reverse turnstep 29-32
  • E

    You are now ready to go from the top with the left leg leading

    Enjoy and let me know if you have any Q's or ideas

    X Claire X

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