Lower Body Ball Workout

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11681)

I use this in my resist-a-ball training class and by the end they are screaming! Sometimes I vary the number of reps, but you get the idea.

Have members bring a resist-a-ball to a flat surface (mirror, wall, whatever) and place the ball between the wall and their body, facing away from the ball so that it's behind their middle backs. With knees over the toes and feet at an angle, we begin with plies (sets of 8- down 2 up 2, singles, down 3 up 1, singles, down 1 up 3). When they really get going, I have them lift one heel off the floor while doing the plie and do 8 that way, then do the opposite heel for 8 more, then as the challenge, lift both heels and plie. It's nice to do these with the ball because balance is less of an issue, and the heel lift really gets to the inner thighs. Sometimes I throw in a set of pulses if we have time/energy.

We also do free standing lunges, holding the ball in front of the body at shoulder length. This is good isometric work for the shoulders. I usually do one leg at a time, but you could alternate too. After we warm up for a few sets of 8, I add a torso turn (elbows bent) from side to side, beginning at the down 2 up 2 pace and changing to singles when they get the hang of it. This really works the obliques and by then their legs are quaking.

Yesterday we did prone glute squeezes (face down on the ball, back and neck in alignment, etc.)- feet on the floor, arms at sides and lift each foot off the floor (I alternated, then pulsed, then threw in some isometric work) and really squeeze that glute as you lift. This is a tough one because some people have a hard time staying in alignment, but man did it work their glutes! I'm feeling it today.

All in all, a good lower body segment, even though you may have seen these before...

Hope it helps- email with questions!


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