Carole's 30th Step Combo with hopefully no typos!!!

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Hello! Here is another 64 count self-reversing step combo for you. If you would rather have it as two self-reversing 32 count combos, I will show you how at the end...

You can now do this again as a 64 count combo leading left. If you would like to split this into 2 32 count self-reversing combinations, just do the first 32 the same, but on the second half, make the curb walk, a curb walk with a cha cha cha at the end... you'll see when I describe this for you below...


L-box shuffle: this is a rocking horse off the end on counts 1-4. You then do a crossover march right/left, then immediately do 3 triple steps, or cha cha chas around the step to the north or front side of step to face west or left. Total of 12 counts...

Repeater swing (repeater scissor): this is a 3-knee repeater, but on the last knee, you swing that leg behind the other, and step down down on the other side of step. I love this move!!! Total of 8 counts...

Cha cha turnstep: you probably know this one already. You are leading right... on counts 1 and 2, you do a quick cha cha cha (right, left, right), but on, off, on the step instead of all on the floor. On counts 3 and 4, you then just walk walk, on the floor left then right, turning to face the other direction (right or east)

Figure 8: you probably know this one also... think of doing 2 alternating knees corner to corner, leading left. You are doing 1 of these on the step, and 1 of these on the floor, but you are adding an outside turn on each knee lift. Think of the number 8... if you are leading left, then you will be turning to the right on the first knee, and turning left on the second knee...

Curb walk: there has been some discussion about this move on the TBB!!! I learned it years ago from a presenter named Tracy York, in Oklahoma City. It is like 4 single 2 count stomps, or chugs. The difference is...the first stomp is on the step, the second stomp is over the step, the third stomp is on the step, the fourth stomp is on the floor, but on the South side of step, slightly rocking back and forth right and left...

Now, if you are making this 2 32 count self-reversing combinations... I told you to make the curb walk a curb walk cha cha cha... this just means that after the third stomp, you do a cha cha cha, to switch your lead leg!!! It works!!!

Hope you like it! Let me know if I can be of further assistance, and by the way, have a great day!!!


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From: Lee's Summit, Missouri (USA)
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