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Thank you everyone for all your ideas, especially aqua. I hope some of you will find these ab exercises of some use.

Start lying on your side with knees bent behind you, hips stacked one on top of the other, elblow bent directly lying in line with your shoulder, other hand either placed on the mat in front of you or elbow pointing to ceiling, hand on hip. Breath in and exhale, contracting all your abdomimals, pulling your belly button towards your spine, hold and breathe normally. Begin a 2-count lift of the hips up towards the ceiling and 2 count down. Continue this and then change to a single count lift, after eight lift and hold up extending free arm up towards the ceiling. Come down and stretch out.

To make the levels harder, offer same position but extend the legs placing one foot in the front of the other (V-shape) either with the bottom leg slightly bent or extended, continue as above.

Next level would be to place both legs together, extended and lift as before, more body weight and harder on those core muscles.

Lastly, with both legs extended, place your fingers by your ears and twist elbow towards bottom wrist, keeping the hips flush to the front, taking in the obliques as well now. An alternative would be to extend this arm right over the head to work both obliques at the same time.

Hope this makes sense. Try it, its a real killer on both balance and ab strength. Thanks again guys for all your ideas.

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