Stepaholic's first submission. Inspired by Carole P.

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 11696)

Hi all! My creative juices started flowing after reading Carole's new step pattern (that was dedicated to me). I had to change it up a bit to have it fit into the double step format--but her combo was the spark!

I never used the walk away Joe before, and my class loved that one. I hope someone can use this as is, or it becomes an inspiration for someone else's creativity. Here's two 32 count combos. Oh yeah, it's tapless too.

Benches are vertical:

    home      away
     *x         x
      x         x
      x         x

*start here

Combo 1: all on home

Combo 2: between home and away

      home     away
       x*       x
       x        x
       x        x

*start here

You are now on the away bench, facing front and ready to start combo 1 on the left lead.

     home    away
      x        x*
      x        x
      x        x

*V cha-cha on floor--4 counts
step out wide on floor left-right (counts 1-2)
triple step/cha cha in left-right-left (counts three and four)

**turn into a double lunge on top and straddle down--8 counts
facing front, start turnstep- right-left on board (count 1-2)
facing back of room double lunge right leg (counts 3-4-5-6)
straddle down right-left (count 7-8)

***inside loop--8 counts
simply a turnstep on one bench (counts 1-4), and then a turnstep on the other bench (counts 5-8). No tapping in between bench change, just follow your feet.

I hope I explained it simply and as clearly as possible. Please email me with any questions. The walk away Joe explanation can be found in Carole's new routine, so I didn't include it here.

Thanks again for all the submissions on this site. They have been an instrumental tool and a valuable resource in helping me fine tune my skills as an instructor.


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From: Shrub Oak, New York (USA)
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