Basic! Sweat if you like!!!!!

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Hi everyone,
This is my first time adding a pattern of my own but this site has helped me out with a few of my classes.... so I decided to share this very basic pattern with you. By adding a few jumps and jogging where possible you can sweat sweat sweat!!!!!! My classes love this routine when they don't want to think they don't have to!

Combo 1 (let's get moving!)

Leading right leg!

Repeat leading left leg!

Combo 2 (let's work those legs!)

Combo 3 (get those arms really pumping now!)

Whilst marching or jogging on the spot (it's up to you!)

** Make sure the arms are at shoulder level at to the side!!

Combo 4 (this is your resting combo!)

Marching or jogging

Repeat a further 3 times (9-32) ***

*** I like to do a dummy run of this in my warm up slowly first as follows:-

Repeat until all the class are sure of the routine and then take it up to speed (counts 1-8!)

Combo 5

Lastly put it all together!!!!
Repeat the whole routine combos 1, 2, 3 and 4 turning it to each side of the room on Combo 4!

Hope this all makes sense my classes love this one because they can choose to march or jog when the want and take it up to high impact or keep it low if they want........ Hope you all enjoy it as much as my classes do.

Tracey xx

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