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All start on a right lead, step is horizontal. All self-reversing and virtually tapless.



IIIa Starter combo

IIIb Finished combo




Repeat combo on other lead from the back of the step

Explanations / considerations

See Turnstep dictionary of moves for the lettered steps - I've nearly used the whole alphabet in this routine!

* Reverse V - start with right foot onto left corner of step, do a backward V with bottom going over the step first.

** Rock 'n' pop - Do a rocking horse and add a hop turn in place of the 3rd knee lift, popping over the step to face front. Make sure foot lifts and turns on the step to protect the knee.

*** Scoot - Just a chasse or skip to get to opposite end of step.

**** Single hitch - Right foot steps on step, tuck left behind like a curl as you go over. Right foot must move during counts 1 & 2 to avoid twisting the knee. Basically a tapless over the top.

***** Pendulum - On last step from X-step, go straight into alternate leg swings on the step 6 times before stepping down on the opposite side of the step.

****** Karate kick - With left side to bench kick to the front, side and front again, placing left foot on step on counts 1 and 5 before stepping down.

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From: North Yorkshire (United Kingdom)
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