Circle freeze

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 11719)

I'm always "borrowing" from this site and thought it was time I posted one of my own. I teach a fifteen minute ab-lab and this is one move that really works every area of the abdominals:

Start in a seated position and cue belly-botton into backbone, pull up the pelvic floor (engages the deep core muscles) and slightly tuck the chin.

Tell the members to roll down until their lower back is in contact with the mat and that their shoulders should never touch the mat. They clasp their hands into a fist, arms straight and directly above their chest. Cue them to start makeing small circles, the size of a saucer, then enlarge the circle to the size of a bread plate, then a little larger, to the size of a dinner plate (they're starting to feel this in their obliques now), then enlarge the circle again, to the size of a steering wheel...and then finally, to the size of a garbage can lid. Shout "Freeze" and they stop in whatever position of the circle they're in....and then have them rewind from garbage can lid, to steering wheel, to dinner plate, to bread plate to saucer.

I stress that if they feel their abdominals pushing out, to stop and rest and then come back in and join the exercise.

After a few cycles of this circle exercise will have their abs shaking.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

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