Stop 'n Go

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Here's a pattern that the class controls.

"Stop 'n Go"

Basic premise: Participants alternate saying "Stop" and "Go", cycling at either a sprint or a confortable pace based on the cue they give, tension they can sprint at.

How it works: Everyone in class gets a turn saying something, either "Stop" or "Go." When "Go" is said, the class goes as fast as they can; when "Stop" is said, they, well, stop and ride at a comfortable pace. It alternates--one person says "Stop", the next says "go," and so on, and it goes through the class, by rows, or whatever. Thus, everyone has a little bit of control over how long the effort (or rest) is. Note that the person who starts it doesn't stop it, the next person does, and so on.

Pre-activity cues: I emphasize that it's more important to be short rather than long; in other words, make friends in class by doing sprints (and rests) that are no more than 10 seconds long on average. I also encourage them to mix it up--do really short sprints, then really long rests, or try to get a "whip" going by doing really short sprints with really short rests (again, short=2-3 seconds, long=10-12 seconds for this drill). Generally, the class will figure this out on their own after the first round, so you can let them discover it.

Tell them to be loud and clear with their one wants to sprint when they could be resting!

Before beginning, I also make sure they understand that they are in control, so they need to remember it's not a show-off contest, but more like a fun, game-oriented challenge. I also make sure they understand the alternation of "Stop" and "Go" by doing a really quick dry run with the first few people, then getting on with the drill.

Last notes:

I usually start it off, saying "Go!" and reminding them to go as fast as they can. Then, I can look to the first person and also remind the class "Alright, waiting to stop...." After that, it moves pretty fast.


This is a great activity to use club/dance/techno music that tends to be higher pace and longer.


After each rotation through the class, take a breather (or go two, three, then a breather) then do a higher tension, seated, or standing, etc., doing the same thing.

Keep spinning,

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