Block Race

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Here's a structured drill/activity inspired by your good old fashioned race around the neighborhood block (also called a criterium in professional/competitive cycling).

"Block Race"

Basic premise: It's a race around the block with different activities on each side of the block. The block has four sides, so there's four activities. Divide the minute in four and each side gets 15 seconds. So essentially, four 15 second activities framed as a race. Similar to a four wall drill in aerobics.

How it works: Set the scene! It's a race around the block with everyone in the room competing against each other. Determine what activities you'll do, then wait for the top of the minute (obviously a stopwatch or wall clock, etc would be very helpful here!) and go!

For example:

First leg--easy
Second leg--building speed at light/medium tension, increasing pedal speed, not quite to a sprint, but near it
Third leg--easy
Fourth leg--add tension seated (there's a headwind on this side of the block!)

Do the first few "laps" at a moderate pace--you can always cue them to increase as you go along, so it gets progressively (and incrementally) more challenging. Don't make them all sprints, or even 2 sprints each time--remember, the goal is to complete more laps at increasing intensities rather than whatever they can do at sprint level--keep winding it up, bit by bit, without blowing up till the last lap (whenever that is, determined by instructor or the class).


Obviously lots of room here!

First leg: Easy (I like to start easy, then get harder, so they can finish hard)
Second leg: Uphill (try seated on odd laps, standing on even laps)
Third leg: Seated, moderate tension, focus on form
Fourth Leg: Sprint from moderate tension

The goal of this drill is to build a balanced "block race" that won't kill them with continuous sprints but will challenge them and provide enough variety to be interesting. You could even do the example above as the "even" lap, and the variation as the "odd" lap. Just be careful--don't do too much. It's better to start easy, keep it simple, and work it from the basic pattern, adding on.

And there seems to be something about the imagery of the "neighborhood block race" that people are able to relate to, and visualize. It has been a sleeper hit for me these past few weeks--easy enough for everyone to get into, challenging, and fun since it's not continuous 100% efforts, but continuous challenges.

Keep spinning,

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