Dana's Cysle Mix/Full 60 min class - Volume 4 (it's a long one!)

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Hey guys! I have been a little incommunicado lately....been super busy with a new job! I am posting 2 new CDs with class posting as well. My gym teaches a 60 minute group cycle class.

I will list the CD songs & the length; then below I will list what I did for each song. I hope you guys are finding these posts helpful. I like sharing; I just hope it is helpful. We teach on Johnny G Schwin Spin bikes. I work on a Rate of Perceived exerction scale of 1-15 (1 is free wheeling, no resistance, 11 is mid-far end of flat road, 12 is base of a hill, etc, 15 is almost dead stop)

1. Warm Up - cover basics of ride

2. Finish Warm up - Resistance at 11.5 - 12 -Jog standing with hands in 2, jog/climb standing with hands in 3 (back flat, hips & glutes over saddle, head up), basically, just get them acclimated to the different positions & get warmed up

3. Standing Sprints - start with a resistance on 11.5-12, jog standing in 2 for approx 15 seconds, increase cadence to a run in 2 for 15 seconds, add a sliver (no MORE than a 1/4 turn) of resistance, lay it back with hands in 3 (standing) & power over increased resistance, sit down with hands in 2 & power/sprint for 10 seconds, stand back up & jog in 2. This is a very powerful move. I try & get 3-4 sprints in during this songd. depends on how strong my class is feeling. (if this does not make sense, PLEASE email me & I will try & explain better)

4. Jumps with resistance at about 12 (base of a hill) - minute 1, jumps are 15 seconds up/15 second down, minute 2, jumps are 10 seconds up/10 seconds down & I have them double up their pedal stroke when seated, minute 3 is 5 second up/5 second down (at tempo). Finish out song at 5 second jumps or at their own pace (depends on when we start the jumps), or I have them do a quick recover for the next drill...

5-7. 1/1/1/1 Hill Drill - This takes 16 minutes to complete. It is a long, challenging hill. I start them at 12 - 12.5, so the hill is almost vertical on rotation #4. Basically 4 - 4 minute hills. Pattern is as follows:

Minute 1 - in saddle, climb
Minute 2 - in saddle, double pedal stroke & "run" up hill
Minute 3 - add 1/4 turn on resistance, out of saddle, hands in 3, climb
Minute 4 - out of saddle, hands in 3, double up pedal stroke & "run" up hill

Sit back down & repeat, adding a 1/4 turn when you start the next "hill" and when you stand in 3.

I make sure to cue proper form throughout this drill. As they get tired, their form gets worse, so I make sure to go over form cues throughout. Again, if this doesn't make sense, please email me :)

8. Sprints - resistance on 11.5 - 11.75 -
sprint - recover
10 second - 20 second
15 second - 15 second
15 second - 15 second
15 second - 15 second
10 second - 20 second

9-10. I played a "game" with my class - I told them that they each got to decide what we were going to do for the next 2 songs. They each got 30 seconds & there was 15 seconds in between each person. The rules were: Resistance must stay at 11.5 or higher, & they were not allowed to pick the same thing that the last person did. I had the first person pick & told them who the next person was "on deck", so they could be thinking of what they wanted to do. I used the 15 second recovery to get the next persons idea & prep the class for the next move. They LOVED it!

11. Hill Challenge - I start them in the saddle at 12 on the restiance & have them add a 1/4 turn every 15 seconds. I tell them that when it is too challenging to stay in the saddle, they are to stand it up in 3 & finish the song that way. If they are in the saddle, they have to keep adding resistance until they can add no more, or until they "stop", or until the song is over. I know that cycle class is not a "competition", but my class loves this drill & they love the friendly competition to see if they can get me out of the saddle or if the "die hards" will stay in the saddle. We have a lot of fun with it :)

12. I use 2 minutes of this song to finish class, then I start the cool down. The first minute is a recovery ride & minute 2, I tell them they can use that minute to do whatever they want (jump, sprint, climb, whatever). Then I start the cool down.

13-14. Cool Down & Stretch - I have them focus on their breath & start to slow their legs down at their own pace & bring their heart rates down. I do one stretch on the bike (flat back stretch/cat stretch), then take them off the bike for the remainder of the stretches.

Hope you guys get some benefit out of this posting!

I will post another tomorrow :)

Happy cycling!

Peace, Love & Happiness:

Dana :)

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