Burning Bods with the Ball!

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11744)

This workout alternates upper and lower body exercises within each set. Begin by sitting on the ball with a weight in each hand.

Block #1: Biceps and Quads

Alternate speeds with biceps/hammer curls, then move to "Upper cuts", palms face up, elbows in press weights out.

For quads, sit on the ball with feet shoulder width apart and do mini sqats with a little bounce on the ball. Do the squats about 64 times, (sounds like a lot I know but they are fast squats)!

Repeat biceps/quads sequence 3 times

Block #2: Triceps and Glutes

Sit on the ball (with one weight or two) and perform overhead tricep extensions, varying the speeds. After one set move to glutes.

Glutes: hold the bridge posotion on the ball. (Walk legs out so you are lying on the ball, keep head and neck relaxed on the ball). Push through the heels for glute squeezes, varying speeds.

Repeat tricep/glutes sequence 3 times

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