Floor Combo For Legs

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11747)

Hi all,

I've had the following leg routine for a long LONG time, and every time I bring it back my participants whine and cry. They LOVE it, but the burn is a B!T%H!!

Side lying leg work - hips stacked at all times, spine in line. Your knees are slightly bent and the heels are below the glutes, (try to keep the knees far away from the chest). You will be working the top leg...

1st I have them lift the knee ONLY, keeping the heels together. Slow lifts, cue them to not rotate at the hip and to concentrate on the hip area. (Set of 16)

2nd I have them lift the whole leg. Do not straighten the leg but lift the knee and ankle at the same time. Again, don't let them rotate at the hip, also flex the foot driving the heel out. (Set of 16)

3rd I have them hold it at the top and with the foot still flexed turn the knee up and down, working the inner and outer thigh area as well as the hip. (Set of 16)

4th I have them drive that flexed foot out to the wall, straightening the leg and squeezing the quad and glutes, then bring the knee back into the chest. Cue them to press the wall away and squeeze on the way out, don't just go through the motions. Also, keep the leg low to the floor. (set of 16)

Last I have them hold the leg in the extended position and pulse. (Set of 8)

Now i take it from the top again for 12, again for 8 and finally for 4. Always keeping the final pulses at sets of 8. When I first started using this they thought it was over after the first set. RUDE AWAKENING!!! By the final set they'll be thinking you are out of your mind.

Let me know what you think.


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