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Aloha, hope you enjoy this quick cardio kickbox drill.

Now gradually increase the tempo by counting faster until it becomes a flurry. Cue participants to tighten their abs, shorten their punches and add more power. This white water flurry will become a barrell of laughs and take you right into the next section. Speed bag drills

Begin with the speed bag: hands fisted, circling wrists chest high under water. The more white water the better.

Repeat sequence 3 more times

Now really have some fun and change the directions from 4 front punches, speed bag, to 4 left, speed bag, then to the right, be sure to include you 4 count speed bag in between each set of punches. This forces participants to coordinate their minds with their mucles. Are you ready to strecth those shoulders?

Slow down the speed bag then alternate (right,left) outward blocks starting with the elbow at the center of the chest and gently pull it out to the side at a 90 degree angle, elbows remain underwater for resistance, wrists straight up above elbow but out of the water. I do this 2 to 4 times for each shoulder. Then I drop the wrist in the water (on same plane as the elbow at surface level) and continue with outward elbow strikes. Slow and relaxed. Now we submerge the arms and continue our outward strikes dragging the arm under water towards the knees and I have them flick open their fingers at the end of each stroke to feel that little tingle of circulation creeping into the finger from all these fisted movements. I also reverse the 90 degree outward elbow block starting it from the outside and pull it in toward the chest. The water that rushes against the inside fleshy part of your forearm feels soothing. Gotta try it to believe it.

Hope you are able to understand and visual this simple drill that makes the seniors smile, the ladies giggles and the men remain macho!

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