Phoenix #1

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Combo 1

Repeat other foot

Combo 2

Repeat other foot

Combo 3

Repeat other foot

Combo 4

Repeat other foot

Combo 5

Repeat other foot

Combo 6

Repeat on top of step to return to back of step

* Squash the Bug - Step up right foot, lift left knee, left foot to floor and do three little pumps on floor like you are squashing a bug, left knee lifts up then down to floor, right foot returns to floor. It is an 8 count. I've also heard it called "Test, Test, Test the Water".

** Shooter - Just like a split basic. Up right and left, lunge once each foot back then step down right then left. It is also an 8 count.

*** Rocking Horse Hop Turn - Facing east, left foot on step, right leg curls up and then down to floor, left leg knee up, left leg back onto bench and diagonal pivot. Also an 8 count.

**** Flying A steps - Just like a regular A-step except the second leg is the first to touch the ground behind you.

Some borrowed, some modified, some new. Thanks to all who submit. Combos are self-reversing and 32 count based. Bench is horizontal.

Added by Michele Coit at 11:19 AM on Friday, June 14, 2002 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
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