Normal intensity, complex choreography

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Horizontal bench. I'll explain all the cues at the end.

Squash the bug - I created this move when I saw a spider during a class one day. Start with traveling knees to teach it, keep them there while you demonstrate. Right foot on, left foot taps wide on the floor - then closer to center (so, two taps), right foot down. Repeat with the other side. You can cue "step-tap-tap-step" if you want.

The pivot or mambo is in the center of the bench. Turn straddle, knee off the back should be pretty easy.

Walk across, step-pivot-step - Two steps on the bench, walking across, then one step on the floor, other foot pivots back to the bench, fifth count is another step on the floor. (bench-bench-floor-pivot-floor).

Up-up, kick/lunge, regular lunge - Up, Up, SAME FOOT kicks then immediately lunges, other foot does a regular lunge.

Straddle down/up, lunge/knee travel - after the straddle, tap the floor then right into a knee travel with the same foot.

Over, heel on - you don't need me for this.

Hop turn, double knee, slide - "Slide" means hop over to the side you started the hop turn from.

Over travel, up-2 lunges-exit. - Easy.

Have fun.

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From: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (USA)
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