Mel C's #9: Steppin' Over (Advanced)

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Hey guys!! This is a fun routine that is my own stuff mixed up with some moves I got from turnstep. Forgive me if I don't name names for some of these moves- I don't remember!! Here we go!

32 count self-reversing as always.

Combo #1:

*Power knee hop: Right foot on center of bench (1), lift left knee (2), left foot taps floor (3), left foot hops to left corner as right foot hops to right corner- all at once (4), both feet to center (5), lift right knee (6), exit right, left (7,8).

**Stepover shuffle: Facing front, step OVER the step, right foot (1), lift left knee (2), facing front shuffle left-right-left (3,4), going around the west end of step, facing east shuffle right-left-right towards the back wall (5,6), facing east walk left, right (7,8). I cue "stepover shuffle walk walk" because if not, we all want to come up on the step on the last 2 counts. Hint: the further away from the bench you shuffle, the less you'll mind the "walk walk" to the bench. If you don't make big shuffles, you'll feel like you're about to trip over the bench (those walks to the bench will be real small).

***Reverse lunge: Facing east, step up left and right as you turn south to face the back of the room (1,2), lunge left and right facing the back (3-6), exit left, right (7,8). Repeat to end facing north (front of the room).

Combo #2:

*Up 2 knees: Step up right (1), lift left knee (2), left foot to step (3), right knee lifts (4)

**Box step: From that knee up, step right foot down on floor crossing in front over the left (1), left foot steps off the step onto the floor as you are turning east (2), shuffle right-left-right (3-4).

*** Cross it over: Facing east. Left foot steps on bench (1), right foot steps OVER the bench (2), left foot steps to floor as you are turning west (3), right foot steps still turning west (4). You are now ready to kick with left foot leading.

Whew!! It's hard to describe some of this stuff!! If you need more detail, please email me! Thanks!!

Mel C

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From: Clemson, South Carolina (USA)
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