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Hi everyone! As always, you will see lots of your great moves throughout this routine. This is taught to an advanced class and requires lots of cueing. Have fun! Also, I always use the warm up as a time to review certain steps such as the pendulum, skip over and the turn 3/grapevine. This certainly helps move things along.

Step is horizontal/ right lead

Combo 1:

Repeat leading left

Combo 2:

Repeat left lead moving towards the right end of bench

Combo 3:

Repeat left lead

Combo 4:

Repeat off left end of step

Combo 5:

Repeat left end

This routine flows nicely from the top.

COMBO 2: Pendulum across: step up right, pendulum right leg first, exit right. counts: I cue this: "1,2,3,4,5,6 and off" Can also be done as a march across. Step up right left/ march right left x2 moving down the bench/ step off right left. Same counts. Note this pendulum is done across the length of the bench facing front.

COMBO 4: Skip over with jack: Step up right, kick left and right on top of bench, exit right then left, one jack

COMBO 5: U-turn: small turnstep to change direction [4 counts] Turn 3/grapevine: simply turnstep 3 times and then turn your back to the bench and grapevine.

Please send along any questions. Also, I need more body sculpting ideas for free weights. Any help out there? Thanks. MK

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