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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted. I've been a little busy dealing with my first trimester of pregnancy! That magical second trimester has kicked in, so I'm feeling much better :-)

This is actually a Step Interval routine, or what I think of as a Step Interval routine. My Tuesday evening class prefers less complicated choreography and more work. So, I try to please them. This went over very well last night.

Bench is horizontal
Routine is tapless and intermediate

Patterns A and B

(I like to create a 32-count phrase that does not reverse and then put it together with one that does)

*Step, heel: You can do anything here, knees, hams, whatever. I like this variation. Hi-impact is jumping up on the bench with the lead foot and then planting a heel dig on top with the other foot. Lo-impact, simply walk or step up.

**Hopscotch: There are probably other names for this move. It is basically: foot steps on the bench, same foot steps over the bench, same foot steps on the bench, same foot steps or rocks back. It is kind of a rock step. The biggest challenge for participants is keeping that back foot out of it! They always want to pick it up, put it on the bench, etc. If people are finding it very challenging, I tell them to plant that back foot on the floor as we take the other Bench and Over, Bench and Back until they get it. I dont ever use this as a lead change move.


(Got this from a video by Cathe ?? Yikes, baby brain, forgot her last name. Someone recommended it on the Moves board. Awesome interval tape.)

Pattern C

***A-step: Because the shuffle turn can bring us a little further than a regular turnstep, I cued these A-steps to happen at the very end of the bench. So instead of going over the top, they step up, up and off the short end. If this does not make sense to you, please send me an email.


This one is very easy, and can really get the heart rate up!

Again, repeat . . .

Pattern D

****Fly over: Just a one foot over the top, helps to keep it tapless


We begin with a single count squat, then we pulse for 2 all the way around, then for 4, then for 8. Then we do 4, then 2, then back to 1 count. Lots of fun!

As always, please email me with questions, and I promise to respond!

Hey, Dena! Hopefully, I will have called you before this goes up! So much to talk about!

Enjoy, I'll try to add more soon!

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