Interval Plus Once More

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Warm Up (on the step)

Block One (horizontal step)

INTERVAL: change the L-step & alternate, it becomes "step knee, squat down half time, knee up half time, squat down half time, knee up half time again and back"

RECOVERY: 4 alternating wide toe taps from center (16), 2 alternating kicks at corners (8), 1 repeater tap (8)

Block Two (floor) - faster music (?135 bpm?)

-continue taking knee lift to 4 and then 2 (could start at 16 if you want to)

RECOVERY: grapevine combo, grapevine and add 3 hamstring curls at end, arms pull back

-change so only the grapevine, adding knee lift instead of the tap on four

INTERVAL: travel that grapevine wide and hopping it, hop the knee too, lift up as a plyo

RECOVERY: grapevine, 2 V-step, 1 mambo

Block Three (vertical step)

INTERVAL: over with the straddle, up up, straddle low, up up, knee lift, big arms

RECOVERY: over the top with bicep curls, 2 mambos, 2 kicks, 1 tap

Block 4 (floor)

Repeat and repeat !! You can add a 3 pulse knee in the hold position (balance and cue those abs!)
Change to a squat walk/sumo walk forward, cue weight on the heels (walking forward and back in squat position)

For cool down we usually march it out a bit, tap it side or front and take heel presses back and then grab the bands and target various muscle groups, depending on what day it is. We've already done alot of lower body so the band work usually focuses more on the upper body muscle groups, though sometimes we add a squat or a lunge as well. ;-)

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