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                    W *            * E

I'm working with two training instructors right now, who happen to be very creative choreographers! The following pattern consists of something I derived from Boyfriend's Syncopated Triplet Pattern #11373, plus two blocks created by the new instructors.

Starting on the SW corner, facing W:

Block #1:

Block #2 (Monique's block):

Block #3 (Ting's block):

Now do the three blocks again with all directions reversed. As always, email me with any questions. Enjoy!

* Syncopated straddle: Right foot steps on bench then straddle down left, right. Cue: 123, 123, 123, 123 and then the over the top, rounds off the phrase to 16

** Step onto bench left, right, then do four alternating back lunges off the end of the bench and go right into the straddle.

*** Step onto bench right, left, then do two alternating back lunges and exit on N side.

**** Diagonal lunge: Just a diagonal with two alternating side lunges from the bench and then exit like a normal diagonal

***** Low impact alternative: walk around the end (4)

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