Annie's step 24-06-02

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 11797)

Step is horizontal. All start on a right leg lead, self-reverse and possibly tapless...


With the reverse V, the combo will self-reverse but you'll start at the back of the step and come back to face front on the last 12 counts





Cue this as "jack, over, jack" and add a knee lift to the over the top


* Little jump: like a powered tap up. Step up count 1, jump with feet together on top of the step on count 2, then step down on 3 and 4.

** Knee behind: the returning half of a L-step, without the tap.

*** Karate kick (self-reversing move): Right foot steps up (1), left foot kicks front (2), left foot returns to bench (3), right foot kicks side (4), right foot returns to bench (5), left foot kicks front again (6) left foot returns to bench (7), right foot steps down on to floor. Cue the kick part as "front, side, front". Phew...

**** Straddle + 4 lunges: Go up into the straddle from the last count of the turnstep. The first lunge will be with the left leg off the north side of the step. Just get class to count 4 lunges before coming back down on the side they went up.

***** Plyo jumps: A plyometric move. Both feet together, bend knees and jump forward 2 counts and backward 2 counts. Encourage class to travel as far forward/backward on these. Can substitute for jacks or half jacks.

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From: England (United Kingdom)
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