Total Body Intervals #2 w/ a Ball

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Warm Up with the ball:
(32 counts total use aerobic music approximately 140 to 150 BPM )

Repeat on left

Cardio Drill #1
Circle Run with a ball. (keep the music at approximately 140-150 BPM) Have everyone stand in a big circle (facing the middle of the circle) holding their ball in front of them. Do a step touch style run to the right - Ball lifts overhead then back to chest height. Go around 5 or 6 times then have them hold the ball relaxed in front. Give them plenty of warning before you cue to face the outside of the circle. Still the step touch run, but you're on the left lead now facing out of the circle. Ball swings hip to hip as you go around 5 or 6 times.

Strength #1
Wall Squats with a ball.(change to step speed music 122-126 BPM) With your back to the wall, place the ball between your hips and the wall. walk yourself down to a seated position. The ball should be just below your shoulder blades when you have a seat. Get everyone positioned correctly making sure knees are behind toes, etc. Start with single squats; 2 counts down & 2 counts up; 4 counts down & 4 counts up; down and hold...just sit there and chat with everyone a little; tiny pulses down until they moan! Straighten up and turn to face the wall to stretch with the ball between your chest and the wall. Lean into the ball and reach behind you with your right hand, pull your foot up toward your bottom, knee points to the floor, hips press toward the wall to stretch out the quad. Switch legs.

Cardio Drill #2
Side lunge with a ball. (pitch the music up to 135 BPM or so) Hold the ball at chest height with elbows up. Level one is an easy tap side to side, rotating upper body as you tap. Level two has the tap going deeper into a side lunge and the ball presses out in front of you at chest height. Level three takes the lunge even deeper adding a little hop as you switch sides and the ball goes up overhead.

Strength #2
Bicep curls. Pick 3, 5, or 8 lb. weights depending on level. (Pitch music back to 122-126 BPM) Start with regular curls 2 counts each way; add on a step touch right & left to keep the heart rate up. Keep the feet going and hold the weights halfway up. (elbows at 90 degrees close to your side, palms up) Push forward & pull back. I like to say, " think about serving a tray of drinks, you offer up the selection then pull the tray back". Keep elbows close to your sides as you pull back squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Cardio Drill #3
Kicking drill. Right front kick; left back kick; right knee smash; left side kick. Start with knees - change the knees to front kicks right & left - change to right front kick, left back kick. Add on knees again. (right front kick, left back kick, right knee, left knee) After some repetition to get them used to this, change the left knee to a left side kick. Do as many reps as you want then bring it down to squats to change lead legs and do the whole thing on the other leg.

Strength #3
Lat pull down with a tube. Start with a step touch. Hands overhead with the tube handles in your hands. Choke up on the tube until you have good resistance. This is where you will set your level; the closer together your hands are, the more difficult the exercise. Press the heels of your hands out to the side bringing the tube down to touch your chest and then back up. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you press the hands out. Do as many as you want then cue to pulse squat (feet hip distance apart) and pulse the hands out at the same time.

Strength #4
(There is no Cardio Drill #4:-))
Push ups on the ball. I'm assuming this is self explanatory; email if you have questions.

Finish with abs on the ball..any way you like.

Man, that was a lot of explaining!! I hope it was clear enough for you. If you have any questions feel free to email.

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