Total Body Intervals #3

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Hi guys,
Here's another class of intervals for you. Hope you like them! Start with your basic warm-up then change to step music (122-126 BPM) Please make sure you emphasize OPTIONS.. not everyone will be able to do level three; always remind them they can do whatever level they feel comfortable with.

Cardio Drill #1
Basic right. Level one is just a basic right. Level two hands pump up overhead as you run the basic up up down down. Level three is a speed drill. Do the basic right as fast as you can for 60 seconds. Make sure the whole foot gets up on the step; no heels hanging off the edge! After 60 seconds bring it back to a tempo basic to recover. Switch leads and do the whole thing on the left foot.

Strength #1
Deltoids. Level one can be done with no weight or 3 pounds. Level two and level three use 5 pounds (8 pounds is too heavy to maintain control while you step) Start with an up tap-down tap corner to corner. As you up tap add a shrug. Palms face the body bring weights up to chest height then release down as you down tap; switch corners and do it again.
Shrug for about 4 sets then cue to keep the feet going but relax the weights down at your side. Rest the arms for a couple sets of taps then cue for front deltoid raises. (arms lift in front up to shoulder height). After about 4 sets, keep the feet going relax the weights down. Rest the arms again then cue for side deltoid raises. Show the bent elbow side raise first then give the option for a straight arm raise. After about 4 sets, keep the feet going relax the weights down. Then step down and stretch out the shoulders.

Cardio Drill #2
Stand on the left side (short end) of a horizontal step facing the front of the room. Right foot is on the step, left foot is on the floor. Stance is wide toes face front. Squat down & up at tempo (2 counts down-2 counts up)..this is level one. For level two add on an abductor as you come up from the squat. So you squat down counts 1 -2, then stand up on the leg on the step and abduct the left leg out to the side for counts 3-4. Make sure you stand tall with a straight line from your head down to that foot on the step..NO LEANING in toward the step!
Level three adds on a lunge back. Squat counts 1-2; abduct counts 3-4; take the leg from the abductor and lunge it back counts 5-6 (make sure to shift your weight back, knee stays behind the foot on the step); come up from the lunge, weight is on the step again, stand tall as you abduct the leg out to the side again counts 7-8. Repeat from the top with a squat..abduct..lunge..abduct. Do as many as you'd like then switch to the other side of the step and repeat everything on the other leg.

Strength #2
Tricep extentions with a tube. Add a step touch to keep the heart rate up.

Cardio/Strength Drill #3
Duckwalks. (my personal favorite!) Lay the center of a tube with handles across the top of your shoes; take the ends of the tube around the outside of each shoe then under the shoe and come up throught the middle. This should loop the tube securely around your feet. Now, switch handles so that the tube makes an "X" as you hold the handles. (I hope that was clear!)
Stand up tall hold the handles at your hips and step touch right & left. I start out with singles then make it 2 steps right & 2 steps left; next comes 4 steps right & 4 steps left; (here's the killer) 8 steps right & 8 steps left. I usually do at least 4 sets of each then start breaking it down from 8 steps to 4 steps to 2 steps back to singles again.

Strength #3
Biceps. Choose 3, 5, or 8 pound weights, depending on level. Start with a grapevine right & left. Add on the bicep curls. I'm more comfortable with slow 4 count curls up and 4 counts down to mesh with the grapevine. You can change the curl to any variation you like.

Cardio/Strength Drill #4
Diagonal rows. Choose one heavy weight; 5, 8, or 10 pound, depending on level. Stand with feet wider than hip distance toes pointing out at 45 degrees. Weight is in your right hand, palm facing your body. Start with a side to side lunge going to the left side first. As you lunge left, reach the weight across your body toward your left knee; as you lunge to the right, row the weight up and across toward your right armpit. Keep your shoulders to the front; there is NO rotation through the waist or shoulders. Do as many as you want, then squat in the center to change sides. (As you squat, switch the weight to the other hand then start the side to side lunges going toward the right for a left hand row)

Wrap it up with your favorite abdominal work.

Enjoy!! Feel free to email with any questions.

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