Policy Academy

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This is a freaky friday workout. Make a crime scene: chalk a "deadbody" outline on the floor and tape the area off (using masking tape or yellow tape). Purchase inexpensive squirt guns ($1) and fill a five gallon bucket with water. Play cop show music (you can get great combo CDs cheap at discount stores). Set up one end of the room with mats over one end of the steps in a circle (not more than 10 steps--if you have more than 10 people, make more circles) and a type of push up written out on a little note card on each step. At the other end, stack two or three steps high (I have hand-made wooden steps and stack mats in between for more stability). Have mysterious cop music playing when they enter. Explain that today they are police academy recruits and there will be training before any firearms are given (squirt guns!). Some of the training will be done as a group, some individually. An overview of the class: circle push-ups, circuits (usually only 4) then group lunges.

Begin with everyone in the circle with the mats and steps. Explain that each person will perform 10 of the push ups at each step and then rotate clockwise. If the person next to them is not finished, they roll over and do double crunches. Encourage them with talk like, "Come on! Defend your community. The safety of the children depend on you..." etc..Then, it's time for the circuits. I get ideas from the website but for the police academy I used the following stations:

Then, they have passed the basics of police academy so they fill their squirt guns and must only shoot when instructed and only shoot below the neck. Commands are: open fire and hold your fire. We use the Mission Impossible music and lunge away. It works well if you have them extend their arms in front of them holding the squirt guns (as if they are going to shoot). Feet are wider than shoulder width so they can easily rotate between pulsing down in a lunge to the left, squatting center and then pulsing down to the right in a lunge. This way, too, everyone gets squirting. Randomly call out: open fire and hold your fire. By this time, the squirt guns are welcome (after the sweat created from the circuit and push ups)...great way to loosen the class up, distract them from the muscle work they are doing in the lunges and sure creates some laughter...everyone loves to play! Will use the guns for other themes too: mafia, cowboy, etc. LOVE the "OTHER" ideas section!

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