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I teach a deep water class and we have some wonderful people who attend this 7 am class. Since I teach in the city that hosted the Winter Olympics I decided we could have some Olympic spirit in our pool.

We did three events... My sister and I made actual medals for the winners. It took some time but was worth it to see the result and how excited they were to get them. I even had one lady comment the next class how her grandchildren thought it was so cool that Grandma was in the Olympics.

The first I had them do was "cross country". I divided them into two groups (it's a big class) and the fastest three out of each group went into the final round. It was all speed, the fastest to complete 3 laps (length of the pool). It was funny to see. The final round I made it only 2 laps. Fastest won gold, silver next fastest, and bronze to the third place.

The next event was "pair skating". This was all won on creativity. It was hilarious to see what they came up with. We even had one pair do lifts and twirls. They got very very creative, I was laughing so hard.

The last one was "hockey". I divided into even and odds. They had two goalies. We used a rubber ball and I had to lay ground rules (no hitting, not swimsuit ripping, no pulling hair, etc...). We couldn't throw the ball or keep it under the water. It was only to be hit or pushed on the surface. We had to call a few time outs... A point was given when the ball hit the side of the pool opposite the team. They got really mean and feisty. They really got into this game and wanted to play it again the next class.

I have gotten a lot of compliments and comments on this class from my students, other students and my fellow instructors. It was a fun class and something different. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me...


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